Why Men’s Sperm Is 40% Less Powerful

A recent news item said that researchers claimed that the viability of mens sperm is only 40% of just a few decades ago. Other researchers are challenging the numbers, but fertility issues in both males and females are at an all-time low, that much is certain.

The article said it wasn’t known what was the cause, but that wasn’t what was being investigated.

This is what is known.

Too little testosterone is a problem for men, and too much estrogen is also a problem. This imbalance comes in a number of ways.

  1. The environment. Xeno-estrogens found in,any plastics, household chemicals, furniture, processed foods, and industrial chemicals behave in our bodies as natural estrogen. In women it creates hormone imbalances, infertility and increased risk of some cancers. In men it interferes with normal hormone production reducing levels of testosterone.
  2. Sugar causes higher levels of insulin which is related to lower levels of testosterone.
  3. Obesity driven by over consumption of sugar and junk fats causes increased estrogen, man boobs are the most obvious sign of a problem.
  4. Alcohol in excess affects the liver and normal hormone production.
  5. Sedentary lifestyle. Regular activity and periodic strong exercise gives signals to the body to remain strong and more testosterone is produced.
  6. Feelings of a lack of confidence in males causes a rise in estrogen, but boosting your confidence will raise testosterone. Therefore stress management and doing tasks you are good at will be helpful.
  7. Stressful relationships where your life feels out of your control are a killer for testosterone.

In general sperm quality is a reflector of overall health, so there are a few things you can do to help yourself.

  1. Eat well and take a multi supplement, and avoid sugar and junk food.
  2. Exercise regularly with occasional hard or heavy sessions.
  3. Do some activity or challenge that is a bit scary but do it anyway.
  4. Learn to just sit and relax for a short time every day.
  5. Remind yourself of the things you are good at, when the world is on your back.
  6. Use as many natural products as possible in your home and work place.
  7. Be good to yourself and ignore those who put you down.
  8. Learn new skills.
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