Tip-How To Increase Sperm Count

Low sperm count is a major cause of infertility and needs to be treated as a condition requiring medical attention. There is no particular treatment for the condition, but there many lifestyle changes necessary. There are various Causes for a low sperm count.

The most common and easily treatable one is infection. This can be easily treated by a physician. A urological check up is also a must, in this case. A medical check up, however, is the first step towards how to increase sperm count.

Other causes of low sperm count is wearing tight underpants, bathing in excessively hot water, or sitting for long hours. Being over weight can also lead to low sperm count. The excess fat tends to cause sagging of the testicles, and leads to a low sperm count.

Often it is seen, that premature ejaculation during intercourse can also be a cause of low sperm count. Various other causes of low sperm count are excessive smoking, alcohol consumption, and physical or mental over exertion.

Other medical causes of low sperm count are Zinc deficiency, infections of the prostate gland and also malformed genital organs. The prolonged use of anabolic steroid drugs can also hamper the fertility. Having understood the reasons behind low sperm count now comes the question of how to increase the sperm count. This includes certain lifestyle alterations.

First, it is important to reduce the frequency of masturbation. With every ejaculation, the sperm count tends to go down. Hence, avoid masturbating before intercourse. It is advisable to maintain a gap of at least 3 days between two consecutive ejaculations.

Also, avoid habits like smoking, alcohol consumption etc. Alcohol drastically affects the liver function, which in turn, leads to a dramatic rise in the levels of estrogen. Another important factor, which is an integral part of what to do and not do, when it comes to increasing your sperm count, is regular physical exercises.

This helps to tone your muscle which in turn helps in ejaculation. Also make sure that you Eat Nutritious Food; a Diet which is low in fat, and high in protein, and vegetables is highly recommended by anybody who can help you on how to increase your sperm count.

Most researches indicate that it is best to avoid bitter food items, astringent and spicy foods, in order to increase your sperm count. Also, many studies show that a reduction in the caffeine intake also helps to increase the sperm count. Another important step which is necessary in order to increase your sperm count, is to reduce stress levels by learning how to relax.

Best thing to do is to join yoga or meditation courses; this helps to increase the sperm count greatly and also helps you to remain calm and relaxed. Many supplements, both natural and synthetic are said to augment the sperm count. It is advisable to use the natural or herbal products as these have less side effects and systemic effects.

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