Sex Tips for Standing Up Positions

The possible positions for coupling are almost endless, and each of them comes with its own sex tips to consider for coital success. Although sex while standing up can be one of the more challenging positions, it also has an undeniable appeal. Doing it safely and correctly may take some practice – and maintaining appropriate penis health in advance doesn’t hurt, either. The sex tips that follow impart practical advice for those considering making love while standing up – opening up a whole range of new sensations.

Don’t start in the shower.

In this article, standing up sex is referring to penetrative sex; those who are engaging in manual genital stimulation may indeed find pleasure in doing this in the bathtub. But for those who plan to get “insertional,” it’s wise to forget the many images of steamy shower sex scenes until after they have a few successful “dry land” tries under their belts. The reason, of course, is that the slipperiness factor in the shower can make it very easy to fall, which may lead to some very unfortunate injuries.

Start halfway.

Some couples find it easier to start with only the man standing, while the woman lies on the edge of a bed or other (perhaps higher) surface. In some instances, a couple may try with the man lying down – but this usually requires a very narrow surface for him to lie back on, so that the woman can stand with her feet on the floor while she straddles him.

Back into it.

For many couples, beginning with a male-front-to-female-back standing up position can be the best option. It can often be easier to maneuver the key body parts into a more accessible position this way. In addition, the male’s hands are freer to roam around the female’s breasts for extra erotic stimulation. The female also has more room for bending and finding more enjoyable placement of the body.

Leaning is good.

Balance is absolutely key to successful standing up sex. It’s not cheating to lean against a wall or to lean over onto chairs, tables or other objects in the area. Anything that helps to maintain balance is fair game.

Lifting legs is also okay.

There’s nothing that says all four legs have to be on the ground at all times. Women, especially, are in a good position to wrap one foot around a lover’s ankle or slide a leg up and down a mate’s leg. For men with exceptionally good balance and strength, it can be thrilling to lift the partner up and encourage her to wrap both legs around the man’s waist – but again, good balance and strength is key for this.

Toes may come into play.

Depending on the heights involved, the male may find himself having to lift up on his toes to thrust more accurately. Working on building up toe strength in advance is helpful.

Work the thighs.

Most men find that standing up sex provides a significant workout for their thighs – so again, taking time to strengthen them can allow a man to perform more impressively in this new position.

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