Improving Your Male Fertility

If you are weary about male fertility, then the best diagnostic test is an analysis of your sperm count. This test is highly indicated in those individuals who are unable to conceive even after having unprotected sex. One of the major causes of male infertility is low sperm counts and this needs to be diagnosed at the earliest.

Low sperm counts can occur due to various reasons and ascertaining the same is the first step to leading a wholesome and fruitful sexual relationship. Male infertility has posed as a problem for many men, all around the world.

Here are some common and easy steps to deal with male infertility arising from low sperm counts.

1. The main Cause behind infertility in men is due to disruption in the formation of good quality sperm. It can also occur due to interference in the transport of the sperm from the testes into the female’s vagina. This occurs mainly due to sperm motility problems. It can occur due to decreased motility of the sperm cells, decreased semen, or due to the blockade of the pathway of generating sperm, at some crucial point.

2. Another major cause behind infertility in men is erectile dysfunction, where a man has problems maintaining or attaining erection. This not only hampers the sperm count but also the sex life of the person, and can have lots of psychological effects.

3. Another cause of male infertility is premature ejaculation. This problem leads to the early ejaculation by the male during sexual intercourse. It might lead to ejaculation outside the vagina, or else may also mean that not enough sperms are being passed on in the ejaculated semen. Both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation needs to be evaluated thoroughly by a medical practitioner.

4. In order to ascertain the cause behind male fertility, Doctors often ask sexual history, which includes questions about the adequacy and frequency of sexual intercourse. It also includes a physical examination where the doctor examines the size and consistency of your testes. Following this, comes the semen analysis test. Usually all fertility tests are also accompanied by a detailed physical and psychological work up.

5. The quality and quantity of semen varies from person to person, and hence, it is necessary to abstain from intercourse before you go for a semen analysis test. Usually, an abstinence period of 3 to 5 days is necessary to obtain correct and optimum results.

6. Blood hormonal tests are also a part of the sperm count tests. Of the hormones which are assayed, The Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) test is the most indicative, as this hormone plays a major role in the production of sperms. In case the male’s testicles are damaged, the FSH level will also be skewed.

7. The semen analysis tests are carried out with keeping the patient’s privacy in mind. Let’s face it, these are health issues which are sensitive in nature, and most medical practitioners and diagnostic centers make sure that the patient is comfortable and his privacy is secured, while undergoing tests to ascertain male fertility.

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