How Semen Pills Work

First a Solid Foundation

If you want to get the jist of how a volume enhancers work, you need to learn and understand a bit about the male climax and the healthiness and abundance of the volume in a male ejaculate. Don’t just do a quick study of it and think you know it all; it’s a more complicated system than you may think. Reading the article below will give you a better understading of the male reproductive system as a whole. Most semen enhancing products were developed to target specific areas of the male organs, therefore increasing your sexual experience. Now, not all enhancers work the same for everyone, so you need to make sure to check into them before purchasing one for yourself.

Fortunately we have evaluated the leading, most popular volume enhancers out there to help you in deciding what works best for you.

The Ejaculation Process

Men will orgasm at the peak of sexual pleasure. This happens when contractions are brought on by rhythm which will cause the pc muscle, the rectum, the anal sphincter, the ejaculatory ducts and the perineum muscles that surround the penis to prepare for ejaculation. With these muscles contracting the semen is produced and delivered out of the penis.

Normally the first contractions felt during a male orgasm are close together, approximately .08 seconds apart. These muscle contractions slow down and become further apart as the climax continues. But if you produce a large amount of sperm that is to be released these contractions will be longer, thus a longer orgasm. This being said the more sperm you have the longer and more intense your orgasm will be.

The vital parts of the male reproductive system are:
Ejaculatory Ducts This is where your semen travels through, through the seminal glands while ejaculating.
Epididymis The area where sperm waits and mature until ready to be ejaculated.
Prostrate Gland This gland produces semen and also closes the urethra gland or urine gland so that you don’t get a mix of sperm and urine. Also makes sure that the pH balance is correct for the sperm.
Seminal Vesicles Here the semen is produced, there is a protective fluid surrounding the sperm until it leaves the penis when you ejaculate. The activation of the sperm also takes place here.
Vas Deferens These are the ducts that lead from the epididymis to the seminal vesicles. Basically it is the path where the sperm matures, and activated and covered with semen.
Testes or Testicles Men’s testicles consist of two testes; this is where sperm and testosterone are produced. Each testes contain one kilometer of ducts that produce sperm these are called seminiferous tubules.

With this knowledge and the advancement of medical technology, there are many volume enhancers available on the market today. With these products you are said to receive and larger amount of ejaculate, thus resulting in extremely enhanced orgasms.

Enhancement Options

Out of the enhancement products that are available to you some are marketed as volume enhancing products that work by emphasizing a larger load of semen (which also may make you feel more manly) while other products emphasize a more intense orgasm and benefiting the whole male reproductive system.

In order for a man to receive the largest amount of pleasure possible, the whole male reproductive system, that is complex and has many parts, must be working properly. With an effective and top of the line male enhancement supplement you should be able to enhance these areas of the male productive system.

Most popular enhancement choices

 If you plan on using supplements to increase your semen volume, it’s best to go with a company that offers a money back guarantee-these are generally the more quality products. Make sure to check into several before settling on one though. It’s always best to research to make sure you get the best product for you. If you don’t like the supplement that you’ve purchased, and don’t feel that you’re getting the enhancement that was offered from the company’s advertisement. This is why it’s best to make sure the supplement you’re purchasing has that money back offer, that way you’re not out your money and you can try another product.

Hopefully with next product you will get the results that you desire. If not you really need to research better and more thoroughly to guarantee your third purchase will satisfy you.

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