Ways to Improve Low Sperm Count

If you are suffering from low sperm counts and want to improve the sperm count, then there are some very simple things that you can do to make it work in reality. In case you are able to fix this problem, then it will not only improve your previously less sperm count, but it will also help to improve your sexual performance and your libido, as well.

The first step is towards changing your lifestyle and also staying in an environment which is right for your body. In order to improve your low sperm counts, it is advisable to avoid places where there is pollution, due to contamination with toxins or chemical.

It is also advisable to avoid direct exposure to certain things like radiation, which is widely known to lower sperm counts and male fertility. Also, it is advisable to protect yourself against infections. Infections tend to decrease the fertility of rate of men drastically.
It is also very important that you don’t burden yourself with too much stress, as this tends to decrease the erectile function of penis and also causes premature ejaculation. Many researches also indicate that it is advisable to avoid drinking excessive alcohol or smoking tobacco, as these tend to cause low sperm count.

Caffeine is also implicated in men suffering from less sperm count. It is also important to improve your diet and take food which is both sufficient and healthy. Such foods not only help you to stay healthy, but it also boosts your vigor and makes sure that you produce good amounts of semen.

Premature ejaculation is another reason why men suffer from low sperm counts and eventually infertility. It is advisable not to expose the testicles to excessive heat. Avoid biking and sauna, as these involve temperatures which are higher than that of your body. Age has a lot of role to play in the sperm count. Most men above the age of forty tend to suffer from lower than necessary sperm counts.

In such cases, it is advisable to try certain supplements which have proven results when it comes to improving low sperm counts. Also, certain chemicals like the lubricant on the condoms have spermicidal chemicals, which in turn reduce your sperm count. These chemicals tend to affect two to three more ejaculations, even after you have stopped using them.

There are many mechanical and natural ways to increase lower sperm counts. Apart from dietary manipulations, it is also advisable to indulge in regular physical exercises. This not only keeps you fit, but also helps to increase your vigor and libido. In order to improve low sperm counts, it may also help to take certain natural supplements that help to augment your diet.

There are many Supplements in the market, such as Volume Pills, which have shown good results. Users are said to have improved sperm count and better ejaculation, after using these supplements. These supplements mainly work wonders when it comes to improving low sperm counts in elderly men.

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