Scientific Look at Semen

What is Semen?

Semen is made up of sperm, 65 percent of which comes from the seminal vesicles, another 35 comes from the prostate, and the last 5 is from the vasa. What is semen made of? Citric acid, fructose, amino acids, potassium, prostaglandin, enzymes, phosphorylcholine, and zinc. Depending on the individual semen production can range from a drop or two to 6 ml.

Depending on how long it’s been between ejaculations you may have 40 to 600 million sperm when you ejaculate. This sounds like a whole bunch of sperm, but if you consider the size it would only cover the head of a pin, in contrast to what the amount really sounds like. How they collect sperm to study them is by either donor masturbation, or use of a non-reactive, does not contain spermicidal liquid, condom during intercourse.

Abnormal Semen

Abnormal semen is so called that if you have a low volume when you have ejaculated. Sometimes the absence can be explained by a blockage, if so this problem will need to be corrected by seeing a doctor. You may be able to wait out the blockage, but go to the doctor to make sure this is the right thing to do. If you have semen that is watery, this is normally because your ejaculate has a problem and goes to the bladder first. It’s not a dangerous abnormality, but it can also be caused by a condition called prostatitis. You may also experience thick or even lumpy semen, there are several reasons this may happen. Such as you may not drink enough fluids, or you have sex too often. Your production of sperm will also get smaller with age increase. Even with this decrease though your sperm may still be active enough to get your partner pregnant.

Semen Discoloration

If you notice that your semen is a different color, say red or brown this may be caused by blood. Perhaps a blood vessel broke as you ejaculated. If your semen doesn’t return to normal color in a day or two you will need to go and see a doctor. The blood may be there due to an infection, trauma, or perhaps cancer. So don’t put off that doctor visit. Your semen may be yellow or green; this may be caused by an STD (sexually transmitted disease). Go to a clinic and get treated and your problem should go away. If your semen smells bad you will need to also go and see a doctor, this may be an infection. You need to ensure your health so if you have experienced any of these problems that you go to the doctor. It’s not wise to think that any of these conditions will go away if you just let it be, they won’t and you may in fact be running the chance of giving your partner and STD if they don’t already have it.

Overall you will need to make sure that you do a few steps if you are looking to get pregnant. Just follow a few simple steps and your sperm may increase in count, you can do this by wearing loose underwear, or drinking more water, and even putting off sex to make the chance at getting your partner pregnant.

Can Semen Pills Increase My Sperm Count?

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 Semen Analysis

How does semen get analyzed? What does a semen analysis do? If you need to have a semen analysis what it does is measure how much semen you produce when you ejaculate. It also will determine the quality of your sperm too.

If you and your wife are trying to have children the first step that will usually be done to see if this is possible the doctor will order a sperm analysis. This is done to see if the man is fertile or infertile. You’d be surprised that of all the couples in America who are trying to have a child a sperm problem affects over one third of them.

Several different tests are done when determining the sperms health, they are as follows:
1. Volume, or the quantity of semen that a man ejaculates at the height of pleasure.
2. The liquefaction time of the sperm, which means that the semen when originally ejaculated is a thick gel. This gel will become a liquid in approximately 20 minutes after ejaculation.This test measures to see if the mans sperm has the same liquefaction time or not.
3. Sperm count test – this measure the number of sperm that are in the ejaculated semen. Normal count is from 40 to 600 million milliters.
4. The morphology of the sperm, or the size and shape of the sperm that was ejaculated. Normally a high percentage of sperm might be misshappen, depending on the amount will depend on the chances of pregnancy.
5. Mobility of the sperm, or how many sperm are moving forward in the ejaculation. Not all sperm swim forward, but forward movement can be measured in a mobile density test.
6. The pH of the sperm is also tested, here the acidity will be measured, and also the alkalinity of the sperm.
7. If there are any white blood cells in the sperm, there shouldn’t be any, so if they do show up this is a problem.
8. The level of fructose in the semen, fructose gives sperm energy, this test will measure just how much fructose is in the ejaculated sperm.

Do You Need a Sperm Analysis?

Reason for a sperm analysis can vary, but the most common as mentioned above is with infertility problems in a couple who are trying to get pregnant, but have so far be unable to get that way.

Another reason will be if the man has had a vasectomy the doctor will want to get a sperm analysis to ensure that the procedure was successful. Or going the other way from there, some men have had a reversal of a vasectomy, in order to make sure that the man is producing semen again an analysis needs to be done.

With a sperm analysis you will need to prepare ahead of time, the steps are not very difficult at all. You will need to avoid having sexual intercourse, or oral sex from two to five days prior to the analysis. This will gaurantee a high and hopefully a very reliable test will be able to be done. However you also don’t want to avoid sex for too long either. Make sure that you haven’t had sex within the last two weeks, even last week prior to the sperm analysis being done. You will also need to avoid drinking any alcoholic beverage for a few days before the test. Also some medications that you could be taking might affect the test, and also let the doctor know if you are taking any herbs.

How is the test done and will it hurt? Well no obviously the test will not hurt you, they will give you a private room and you will need to ejaculate into a cup. In fact if you live close enough to your doctor you might be able to get the sample at home and just take it into the doctors office and drop it off. The most common way to produce a sample for this test is masterbation into a clean cup.

A popular way to test sperm after a vasectomy is to pull out during sexual intercourse and collect your ejaculate into a clean cup. Then take it to the doctors office to be tested. You can do this for a regular sperm analysis too.

Another way can be to use a condom during sex, but if you are using a regular condom, most of them come with spermicidal lotion inside which will kill the sperm. So with a normal condom wash it out well so that this will kill the spermacidal lotion. You will then empty the ejaculate into a clean cup and take to the doctor. There are also condoms you can use that are non-reactive this way you don’t have to wash the condom prior to use.

If you have collected your sperm sample at home, you will need to ensure that it reaches the doctors office within an hour. Don’t put it in direct sunlight, or let it get cold or even too hot. Don’t refrigerate the sample, it will not add time to when you can turn the sample in. At times it will take two to three samples to get a accurate picture of the sperm and if it is normal or not. For a sperm analysis done after a vasectomy the best time is usually 6 weeks after the procedure.

How does it feel to give a sperm analysis? Well it feels like it does to ejaculate during sex, you may be a bit embarassed if you have to go to the doctors office to procude the sample. But really overall it’s just like a normal ejaculation.

There are absolutely no risk to this test, this is nice because there are so many procedures out there that you never know the risks of.

Compare Your Results

Next we will go over what is a normal sperm analysis for each step compared to an abnormal result.

Normal vs. Abnormal Sperm Analysis Results:
Regular sperm volume will be 1 to 6 milliters, while an abnormal volume is anything not that number and this will cause infertility problems.
Time to liquify for a normal sperm will be no more than 60 minutes, if the liquifying time is more it may be an infection that is causing this.
The sperm count for a normal male is 20 to 150 per milliliter, while a low sperm count may be the cause of infertility of a couple. Remember if you’ve had a vasectomy your count will me zero.
Shape of the sperm, 70 % of a normal sperm analysis will be normal shape, if you have a lot of abnormal sperm they may be unable to penetrate the egg, or even be able to swim right. A sperm may be abnormal if it has a shorter tail then normal, or two heads, these are just two examples.
H of the semen, normal is 7.1 to 8.0, if it’s too high or too low the sperm may be killed off, thus effecting the sperm count.
Again no white blood cells should be in your sperm analysis, if there are this may indicate an infection of some kind that needs to be looked at.
The sugar in your sperm should be at 300 milligrams per a hundred milliliters of sperm, if you don’t have enough sugar your sperm will not have enough energy to do their jobs.

There are some medical conditions that could effect your sperm count they are, to list a few, orchitis, radiation treatment to your testicles, and varicocele. If the sperm is not moving well you may have to have a biopsy done of your testicles for further tests to be run.

What Can Affect Sperm Test Results?

What kind of things will affect the test? Well there are several kinds of medications that will make the test be abnormal, one being Tagamet, or even male and female hormones will effect a test, if you have too much or too little in your system. Sulfasalazine will effect the analysis as will nitrofuration, and some medicines used along with chemotheraphy.

Some things to consider:

  •  If you are drinking too much caffeine, or have drank alcohol shortly before the test. Any illegal drugs too will effect the results, such as cocaine, marijuana, or nicotine in regular cigarettes.
  •  Herbal medicines can effect the results of a test, such as st. johns wort, or echinacea.
  •  If your sperm is refrigerated you will effect the mobility of the sperm, thus making your test seem abnormal when it may not truly be so.
  •  If you expose the sample to too much heat it will also effect your test.
  •  If you have collected your sample, but did not get all of the ejaculate this will effect your test.
  •  If you haven’t ejaculated in a week it may make the volume collected be low.

Keep the following in mind. If you have used a home collection method for your sperm analysis test you will need to make sure to get it into the doctors office within an hour. Make sure that you haven’t refrigerated the sample, or left it in direct sunlight.

If you have had a vasectomy and still see sperm in your ejaculate the procedure was not successful. If you are unable to get to the doctor quickly use other forms of birth control to ensure that you will not become pregnant.

A sperm analysis is a very helpful tool in determining a whole bunch of things. It’s not only used in testing a person fertility and why a couple is having problems getting pregnant. Also to test after a vasectomy for the couple who is using this procedure to protect from pregnancy. The test is extremely easy and doesn’t hurt a man who needs to go for a sperm analysis. Following the steps and avoid the things that you need to before a test. If you notice problems with your sperm try and see a doctor as soon as possible.

Hopefully with the sperm analysis the problems you may have can be fixed, or you may still be able to find ways to have a baby. So don’t be down if you are having problems, but take the proper steps to ensure that you are checking everything possible to get pregnant.

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